• Leave laundry detergent and stain spray at a local laundromat
  • Donate gently used small stuffed animals (like Beanie Babies) to Operation Gratitude https://opgrat.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/beanie-babies-for-the-troops/
  • Donate baskets of craft supplies to a local childcare center (you know Wanda would love that!)
  • Pay someone's grocery bill
  • Pay for someone's gas
  • Bring dinner to a neighbor
  • Give a care package for the homeless

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We'd love to hear your feedback on our ideas, hear what ideas you have to share or stories of kindness you've been a part of. 

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  • Tape inspirational messages to public restroom mirrors
  • Visit with the elders in a nursing home
  • Shovel someone's driveway and sidewalk
  • Carry someone's groceries to their car for them
  • Bring children's artwork to a nursing home
  • Clip coupons and leave on grocery stores shelves
  • Pick up litter in your community
  • Greet people and open doors for them at local businesses
  • Pass out free compliments (see downloads)
  • Babysit for somebody
  • Smile and say hello to people you pass at the store or on the sidewalk
  • Send a letter to a soldier
  • Put a package of microwave popcorn along with a promo code for a free movie at a local Redbox kiosk
  • Bring magazines, word finds, sodoku books (Wanda's favorite!), and coloring books and crayons to local hospital waiting rooms.
  • Tape scratch off lottery tickets to gas pumps
  • Tape baggies with change to beverage machines
  • Leave quarters in candy machines
  • Donate food to local food shelter
  • Bring cookies/cupcakes to local police and fire stations
  • Tuck dollar bills on dollar store shelves
  • Add quarters to someone's parking meter
  • Hand out flowers or balloons to people on the sidewalk (especially children!)
  • Leave treats and small gifts on windshields in parking lots
  • Buy someone dessert at a restaurant
  • Leave a treat in your mailbox with a thank you note for your mail carrier