If you are looking for creative inspiration so you can celebrate Wanda's Wish on your own, click the button below to find a list of fun ideas.  We also encourage you to share your own ideas with us through our Contact Us page   (link above) or via Facebook. We will add them to the lists for others to draw inspiration from too.

February 22nd will commemorate our sixth annual Wanda's Wish event and it also just so happens that it would have been Wanda's 70th birthday!  Click the button below to contact us if you're interested in joining us for Wanda's Wish 2020 or if you have any questions we can answer for you.



Brightening the world the way she brightened ours.

"Although I miss her everyday, I know it was her that nurtured these traits in me, however mere shadows of hers, and I know I always carry her with me. this is the most beautiful way you could have come up with to honor her"


                                                -Alix Talbot

"What a beautiful idea to celebrate her life and honor her.  She shared so much love with everyone.  It will make February a very wonderful month indeed."

                      -Julie Mason

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Wanda's Wish 

Interested in participating from afar or on your own?  We have some fun printables for you to use!  Just click the button below and you'll be brought to a page filled with printables (PDFs) you can download and print at home - anytime of year!



fun ideas for everyone

"you cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know when it will be too late"  -ralph waldo emerson

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